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Platform 61

Intimate Hideaway

One of Dublin’s best kept secrets, Platform 61 offers imaginative food, elegant wines and extraordinary cocktails in the intimate surroundings of an underground hideaway on South William Street.

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Platform 61’s stunning setting takes its inspiration from a secret subway platform under the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The platform with its specially built golden elevator allowed VIPs such as President F.D. Roosevelt to access the hotel in private, and also played host to Andy Warhol’s infamous ‘Underground Parties’.


Today, the platform known as Track 61 has become the holy grail for New York’s urban explorers seeking to uncover its legend, lore and legacy.

In turn, Platform 61 has become the go-to venue for Dublin’s social urbanites seeking only the best in dining experiences.

Come experience Platform 61 for yourself.

Platform 61 SM_0393_0082


Chef with wonderful attention to detail. Focus and creativity. We call her 'Sexy Ana in the kitchen' Woo hooo!


Spick & Span. Essential element in our kitchen: keeping it sparkling clean and organised!

Zoe and Sino

Zoe - Master Mind of the P61 Team "Great companies are built on great people and awesome teams! Join ours 🙂
Sino - Mysterious Head chef, our leader in the kitchen and away from the public eye. "Cooking is love made visible".


Croatian Chef Genius, surprising us every day with his professionalism and dedication to his work.


General Manager. Top dog, ex Bewley’s on Grafton St. Yep, he's tough. Tough on all of us =) but we love him! xox


The creative genius behind our tunes and cocktails. Total respect


After she managed Fade street social and Devlin hotel an det up Ivy on Dawson, Angela joined our team. Tons of experience with a dash of fun. Lucky and blessed to have her!


The latest awesome adition to our awesome team. Ana is beautiful human being, hardworking and amazing


Life and soul of every party. Addictive and fun personality, alway a messer, always a joker. But his emojis omg, they rock!

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