From manufacture through to disposal, our bamboo e-coffee cup represents a new generation of reusable coffee cup. Created from the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop – naturally organic, naturally sterile bamboo fibre and utilising a lower-energy, lower-CO2 emissions manufacturing process, bamboo e-coffee cup is also BPA and phthalate free and doesn’t contain petrochemical plastic. It’s eco-credentials are second to none!

Why are our bamboo e-coffee cups better than other reusable cups? They are super light and lovely to drink from, making it ideal to take with you everywhere you go. They are also dishwasher safe and should last for years and years. Even better still, when you’re done with them, you can simply send them back to mother nature by simply crushing them, soaking them in hot water and burying them with your organic compost. The silicone lid and sleeve are made from bonded silica and can be recycled with your curb side recycling.

Available in a range of many great colours and designs, this fantastic bamboo e-coffee cup packs just a little bit more style than its plastic or ceramic alternatives – and combined with its eco credentials – makes it the most sustainable, practical and stylish reusable coffee cup on the market.

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